Record releases

1963-1975: Production of the entire Orff-Schulwerk with the inclusion of “Sprechstücke” directed by Carl Orff, “…as she was so familiar with the diction and enunciation of her father”, as Godela Orff writes in her book “Mein Vater Carl Orff und ich” (My Father Carl Orff and I).

CD production


1998: CD production: Godela Orff narrates and introduces: Carl Orff’s “Kleines Welttheater: Der Mond” (music publisher: Max Hieber KG). Awarded the Leopold 1999 media prize by the Association of German Music Schools.


Book publications

1992: 1st edition of Godela Orff – “Mein Vater und ich” (Piper)
1995: 2nd edition of Godela Orff – “Mein Vater und ich” (Piper)
2008: 3rd edition of Godela Orff – “Mein Vater Carl Orff und ich” (Henschel)


Audiobook productions

2007: Audiobook Godela Orff – “Mein Vater Carl Orff und ich”. Authentic details about Orff’s artistic ideas and his work. With very personal memories, music examples and Carl Orff’s eloquent renditions of his own works. Godela Orff’s critical engagement with her father’s Greek dramas: “Antigonae”, “Oedipus der Tyrann”, “Prometheus” and the last work written by Carl Orff, “De temporum fine Comoedia – Das Spiel vom Ende der Zeiten, Vigilia”.

Audio Godela Orff: “The final lines of the Carmina Burana.” From the audiobook Godela Orff: “Mein Vater Carl Orff und ich” (My Father Carl Orff and I).


2011: Extracts from Esther Meynell: “Die kleine Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach”. With music by J. S. Bach. This is an audiobook “that you should listen to with your whole heart”, wrote Godela Orff.

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