Teaching career

1969-1975: Godela Orff was commissioned by the Mozarteum University in Salzburg to set up a new department for “Speech Education and Recitation” in collaboration with the Orff-Schulwerk educational concept for music and dance. In her book “Mein Vater Carl Orff und ich” (My Father Carl Orff and I), she writes: “And so suddenly I had become a lecturer! Without my 20 years’ experience on stage this would simply not have been possible. As there was no curriculum for ‘language with music’, I was free to let my imagination take control, to try out things, to improvise – this gave me great pleasure, as it did the students, who joined in all experiments with great enthusiasm. Finally and with a lot of hard work, we performed on stage – it was a success!”

Godela Orff im Orff-Institut in Salzburg

Godela Orff teaching students at the Orff Institute in Salzburg

Training courses and seminars

From 1975: Godela Orff taught weekly training courses and seminars for teachers of all grades and school types in Germany and abroad.

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