Godela Orff reads

Die Blinde

by Rainer Maria Rilke

This recording of “Die Blinde” (The blind woman) by Rainer Maria Rilke reveals the performer’s great interpretive artistry. Godela Orff spent many years occupied with the lives of blind people and also recorded many books for the Audiobook Library for the Blind in Zurich. With her sensitivity, the fine style of her speech and declamation, and her eagerness to reach out to people who cannot see, she enriched the lives of the sightless.

“Bring light! Bring light! I screamed it in dreams.” Few will remain untouched by this cry from the reading…

The poem is read from “Das Buch der Bilder” by Reiner Maria Rilke, Insel-Verlag, Leipzig, 1928.


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