Godela Orff’s Audio Library

Utter concentration while listening to a recording of her book readings …

From the stages of Munich’s state theatres and her spectacular successes – Godela Orff played her first leading role at the age of 17 – to the world of “chamber music”, widely considered a particularly difficult genre.

Godela Orff’s elevated enunciation and performance, her multi-faceted interpretations, her incredible instinct for rhythm, sensitivity and linguistic virtuosity, her dynamism and temperament – all of these skills were especially on show in her readings, which included prose, poems, short stories.  “Here, is done” – to quote Goethe.

What listeners can expect …

  • “Bettina’s” love for J.W.v.Goethe in Goethes Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde by Bettina v. Arnim.
  • The anguished cry of the blind girl “Bring light! Bring light! I screamed it in dreams”, from Rilke’s poem Die Blinde.
  • Listening fun for young and old with the Drei-Minuten-Geschichten by Hanna Hanisch: “Emilie Widuwilie Kantilie. Ihr könnt Emmi zu mir sagen” in Die Kleine bekommt einen Namen and “Die Angst des blauen Elefantender geschlachtet werden soll”, in Der blaue Elefant.
  • Die kleine Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach by Esther Meynell with music by J.S.Bach.